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Disaster Plan Development Workshop

Tuesday November 20, 2012 – Tuesday November 20, 2012

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ENLA Disaster Plan
Development Workshop

Disaster Area G

Tuesday, November 20th 9am – 12pm
Providence Little Company of Mary Medical Center San Pedro
1300 W. 7th Street San Pedro, CA 90732

No-cost half day training – work through a combined Emergency Operations Plan / Continuity of Operations Plan template.  Make sure your organization can re-open quickly after an emergency.

The training will utilize a template developed for nonprofit organizations, including information about preparing for and responding to special needs.  Bring old plans or unfinished plans, ideas and information.  Learn how to create and implement a disaster plan that really works for your organization. This training is for nonprofit leadership, volunteers and staff who would be involved in writing the disaster plan and providing training for preparedness activities.

Limit 30 attendees, no more than two representatives per agency.


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Can’t make it this November? We are always looking for places to host these workshops. Call or email if you
would like to host a workshop. More training in other areas will follow.


ENLA at 2012 Annual VOAD Conference – day two

Hi everyone,

It’s raining today in Norfolk, but that’s not keeping anyone out of the meeting rooms here at the Marriott.  We’re learning about ways to improve our processes, meeting peers and potential partners from other areas, and getting the chance to ask questions.  Many of the presenters are planning on making their presentations available on the NVOAD website, so I hope to have a long list of links to send to you soon.

I attended a workshop today that addressed the emerging concept of the Business Operations Center; here are a few main ideas on the question of how VOADs can engage for-profit members or partners:

1. Find the right level for communication; for local projects, communicate with the local business location (a local office or store for example), and for corporate level projects, make a connection at the leadership level.
2. Ask them to get involved in preparedness: they need to get their staff prepared, and they may want to help their clients get prepared.
3. Give them a way to engage their employees.  Things like competitive fundraisers and volunteer opportunities or other avenues for personal development can engage employees and build teams.
4. Draw on existing social relationships: who do we already know personally?

Both NorCal and SoCal VOAD members met with Peter Gudaitis of NDIN along with new NVOAD members Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA) and Islamic Relief USA (who is already an ENLA member), and potential NVOAD members United Sikhs and Sikh Coalition.  These faith-based organizations are looking for partners in their newly-emerging domestic disaster relief efforts. They are working to understand how to connect through state and local VOADs, and what these memberships mean.  I’m excited to welcome them into the ENLA fold and learn how we can help increase their disaster resilience so that they can become contributing members of the VOAD.

Tomorrow, I’ll be presenting on behalf of ENLA member Buddhist Tzu Chi Foundation at their workshop “Community Partnerships: Retaining Membership, Sustaining Donations, and Building Movements through the Grassroots.” I hope to post the slides for your review soon.



ENLA at the 2012 Annual VOAD Conference

Welcome to Norfolk

The Virginia VOAD ready to welcome AVC participants

Hello ENLA members, partners, and friends,

The 2012 Annual VOAD Conference is under way! Things got off to a running start on Monday, with committee meetings and the first annual VOAD Leadership Orientation training session.  The training session got great reviews, and the State Advisory Council is pleased with all the work we put into it.  I’ll be posting information about the different tools and information developed to help new VOAD leaders get up to speed and help their VOADs grow and thrive; I presented a draft of the Emergency Response Protocols that the SAC will continue to edit until it’s ready for prime time. I’m looking forward to meeting more of the Region IX VOADs that I represent during my time at the AVC.

Today the State/Territory meeting was held; representatives from NorCal VOAD represented our state, and I was in attendance in my capacity as a SAC member, taking meeting minutes.  The group re-elected Mike Manning (IN) as state representative to the board, and three committee members were chosen from among the state VOAD representatives nominated: Nicholas Auck, LA VOAD (Donations Management); Kit O’Neill, ND VOAD (Emotional & Spiritual Care); and Jay Burdick, RI VOAD (Housing).

The group heard presentations from the Ad Council regarding a cash donation toolkit (helping organizations understand how to discourage materials donations in favor of cash donations immediately after disaster and beyond), a FEMA contractor working on an implementation plan for the NIMS credentialing standards, and from the new Executive Director Daniel Stoecker.

Tomorrow I’m looking forward to a workshop on Community Recovery; I hope to gain some new learning to relate to our LACCDR project.  In the afternoon, I’ll be attending “Trends in Private Sector Engagement and the Evolution of Business Operations Centers”; as potential participants at the new City of Los Angeles BOC, this workshop sounds like it might provide us some additional perspective in the development and implementation of the BOC model.  Just as a note, ENLA has participated as a BOC Task Force member; if you are interested in attending those meetings on behalf of ENLA, please let myself or Brandy know.

Finally, NorCal and SoCal VOAD members, including myself, will be meeting with NYDIS’ Peter Gudaitis.  Those of you who attended the DPH Interfaith Summit will remember Peter as the engaging keynote speaker; he’s here working with several of the new NVOAD national partners: Islamic Relief USA, ICNA, and United Sikhs.  They all have a presence in California, and Peter is offering us an opportunity to meet with these groups to create relationships and welcome them into our local and state VOADs.

More tomorrow.  Is there anything you want to get out of the AVC this year?  Let me know!


ENLA joins the National Preparedness Coalition

Today the Emergency Network of Los Angeles joined the National Preparedness Coalition, sponsored by

Your organization can benefit by posting your own preparedness events on the calendar, talking to other groups on the discussion boards, and finding resources on this site, among other things.  Is your community-based or faith-based organization committing (or re-committing) to be more prepared in 2012?  Check out

You can also take a look at the resources on ENLA’s website, at; click on Training, Preparedness, or Response for more information and materials you can use to help your organization become more prepared.

ENLA provides free Disaster Plan Development Workshops to organizations which need to create (or update) a disaster plan.  We do this for groups of nonprofits, to reach many organizations at one time.  The workshop is no-cost, and requires only a classroom and participants (20 min, 30 max).  It takes three hours, and can be done during the workday, in the evening, or on a weekend.  Want to host a workshop, or get on the training notifications list?  Call or email us today: 213-351-6768 or