Woolsey Fire Update – Press Release

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Contact: Los Angeles County Emergency Operations Center 323-980-2147

Want to Help Fire Victims? Officials Urge Monetary Donations

LOS ANGELES (November 11, 2018) – With the Woolsey Fire continuing to burn, and a wind event forecasted for later today, fire officials remain vigilant against flare ups within the 83,275-acre burn area. With 177 structures destroyed and an additional 57,000 structures threatened, the need for donations is significant.

The most useful form of assistance for fire victims recovery is donations of money. Organizations actively involved in response efforts, such as the American Red Cross, need flexibility to provide disaster victims food, clothing, bedding, and other items most in need. Monetary donations can also be used for cleaning materials, transportation help, and medical supplies.

Officials also caution members of the public to beware of financial scams related to wildfire recovery support, urging that donations be made to reputable first responder, relief, and animal-aid organizations, such as those listed below:

American Red Cross: redcross.org

United Way: unitedwayla.org

Los Angeles County Fire Department Foundation: lacfdf.org

Los Angeles City Fire Department Foundation: supportlafd.org/donate

Los Angeles County Animal Care Foundation: lacountyanimals.org

For further information on the evacuation centers, animal shelters, road closures and wildfires, visit lacounty.gov/woolseyfire.

Media Accessibility for People with Disabilities, and others with Access and Functional Needs.

Federal Communication Commission rules under Section 255 of the Communications Act require telecommunications service providers to make their products and services accessible to people with disabilities, if such access is readily achievable. Where access is not readily achievable, service providers must make their devices and services compatible with peripheral devices and specialized customer premises equipment that are commonly used by people with disabilities, if such compatibility is readily achievable.

ENLA Advocacy Alert: Donated Resources Policy 9525.2 – Opportunity to Help Communities Recovery

The following email below from our partners at National VOAD is regarding an issue that will affect any non-profit that would potentially provide disaster response and recovery services. The non-profit sector plays a major role in disaster assistance by providing resources and services for unmet needs, but many of the efforts that offset recovery costs are not “counted” when the government tallies the cost of donated goods and services. FEMA is currently accepting comments on a proposed revision to the existing policy that would allow “allow the value of mass care and sheltering activities provided by a voluntary agency to be applied to the non-Federal share as a donated resource even when those activities are part of the organization’s mission.” This could include services such as providing volunteers, donating materials or equipment, and other spontaneous support services. This is critical for the non-profit community because so many agencies that typically respond after a disaster do not have “disaster services” as a part of their mission statement, which prevents them from credit or reimbursement opportunities.

In order to help make the potential changes to this policy go into effect, your organization may want to post a comment in support of this revision. Please follow the instructions from the email below in order to comment and provide support for this measure.



Good afternoon National VOAD Advocacy Committee and Stakeholders,

Advocacy alert below, with a proposed policy change with FEMA’s donated resources policy that has been three + years in the making. Huge positive implications for local and state economic recovery, due to the donated hours and materials of voluntary agencies.

This is a critical policy change and there are no comments on the Register and hoping we can mobilize your help in validating the positive nature of the proposed changes. A few comments can make a big difference!

Below is a link to an open comment period in the Federal Register for the revised Donated Resources Policy 9525.2. The proposed policy establishes the criteria by which public assistance applicants (local, state, tribal government) will be credited for volunteer labor, donated equipment and donated materials used in the performance of eligible emergency work (Categories A – debris removal – and B – emergency protective measure). A proposed change to the policy will allow the value of mass care and sheltering activities, as well as other eligible activities provided by a voluntary agency to be applied to the non-Federal share as a donated resource even when those activities are part of the organization’s mission.

The economic recovery implementations for communities impacted by this policy are huge, noting that the City of Joplin and State Missouri captured greater than a $17million offset in cost share thanks to the amazing contribution of voluntary agencies!

The comment period closes December 2, 2013. https://www.federalregister.gov/articles/2013/11/01/2013-26018/recovery-policy-rp95252-donated-resources

Please feel free to forward this to partners as well as provide public comment – 5-10 minutes of your time could result in a policy change that impacts communities abilities to recovery!



Jono Anzalone, CEM®
National VOAD Advocacy Chair

7-18-13 Heat Alert

Heat Alert Press Release: High temperatures are forecast for Antelope Valley on Friday, July 19, 2013 Los Angeles County Health Officer Jonathan E. Fielding, MD, MPH has declared a Heat Alert as high temperatures are forecast for the Antelope Valley on Friday, July 19, 2013. This alert may be extended if weather conditions do not improve. Additional information and list of L.A. County Cooling Centers are available in the LA County Announcement section at http://lacounty.gov, Department of Public Health website at http://www.publichealth.lacounty.gov, or please call 2-1-1 LA County. Source: L.A. County Department of Public Health press release

First Annual Los Angeles SBA Faith-Based Small Business Summit – Thursday, July 25

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LA County Cooling Center List

The previous cooling center link listed the cooling centers in an interactive map format so here is the actual list of locations and addresses.

LA County Cooling Centers

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Odds are your nonprofit has a “Company Page” on LinkedIn. If any of your past staff, interns, or volunteers have a personal profile on LinkedIn and they have added their position at your nonprofit to their work “Experience,” then your nonprofit does indeed have a LinkedIn Company Page. If not, then you can easily create one.

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NWS Los Angeles/Oxnard Weather Impacts for Sept. 30-Oct. 2

From the National Weather  Service:

This email is intended for critical weather partners in Los Angeles, Ventura, Santa Barbara, and San Luis Obispo Counties.

…Hot and Dry Weather Expected Sunday Through Tuesday…
…Heightened Fire Danger Due to Low Humidity, Offshore Winds, and Hot Conditions, Especially Monday and Tuesday…
  • Hot weather –  High temperatures on Sunday are predicted to be 95 to 105 inland with 80s to near 90 at the coasts. On Monday and Tuesday, offshore winds will increase over Ventura and Los Angeles Counties with high temperatures 100-107 in the valleys and well into the 90s at the coasts. Record high temperatures will be possible these two days. Nighttime lows should cool into the 60s and 70s. This will be a significant heat event for people without air conditioning closer to the ocean. 
  •  Fire danger –  The hot weather from Sunday through Tuesday will be accompanied by single digit humidities, very dry fuels, and 20 to 30 mph offshore wind gusts through and below passes and canyons of Ventura and Los Angeles Counties. Poor overnight humidity recoveries are also expected during the period.


A strong high pressure system will develop over California this weekend and persist into early next week. A large low pressure area well to the west of southern California will help generate light offshore winds, especially Monday and Tuesday that will boost temperatures potentially to record highs both for the valleys and coastal areas. Dry, hot, and breezy conditions will increase fire danger to elevated levels throughout the region. Expect the high pressure system to begin to shift east on Wednesday with temperatures lowering as winds turn more onshore.

There is high confidence of hot weather impacting the area and moderate confidence in the strength of the offshore winds for Monday and Tuesday.


NWS will continue to provide email updates if the forecast changes or check our website at www.weather.gov/losangeles
Contact NWS Los Angeles/Oxnard at             (805) 988-6619       for 24×7 forecast updates (unlisted).
Monitor NWS Los Angeles/Oxnard Facebook and Twitter for additional information.

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