ENLA’s new website has launched!

Over here at Shatto office in Koreatown, we are happy to announce the launch of ENLA’s new website! Aside from being very plain, the old “theme” which we were using did not allow us to arrange the website content in an easily readable format. We are now able to much more easily add and manage new content, and we hope it’s more visually appealing as well.


Here are a few new features to check out:

Committee Pages: These pages have been created for committees to have a place to aggregate committee-related information, resources, and deliverables. It will also facilitate the recruitment of new members, and allow for committee chairs to post committee meeting information.


Integrative theme: One of the features of the new theme is that it is adaptive, which means it can be viewed on mobile devices such as smart phones, tablets and other mobile devices. This means that our website will automatically adjust to the screen size and resolution, delivering an optimized layout for that device with the same consistent core design.


Member Area: We are hoping that this area of the website will find increased use, as we begin posting useful information and resources here. Eventually we would like to have a resource sharing “add-on” in this section, which will allow members to communicate resource availability and needs.


Member Directory: This section existed before but I have now put it in the member area, so that only members can access it. It includes ENLA member organization internal contact information. The directory has also been re-formatted with a more professional layout. Please take a few minutes to register on the site to receive your log-in information to access the member area. This is a very simple step, and I am happy to walk you through it. Also, take a look at your agency information to verify its accuracy.


Join Form: Take a look at the “Join” page which is under the “Membership” tab. This is a great place to direct potential new members if they are interested in receiving more information about ENLA or an application packet. It is quick, and easy to fill out, and the information is directly routed to our database. Having potential members enter their information here helps us keep better track of interested agencies and makes for a quicker response on our end.


Got questions or comments on the new site structure? Let us know in the Comments below, or contact me directly.



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