Donate Now – Woolsey Fire

Want to Help Fire Victims? Officials Urge Monetary Donations

With the Woolsey Fire continuing to burn, and a wind event forecasted for later today, fire officials remain vigilant against flare ups within the 83,275-acre burn area. With 177 structures destroyed and an additional 57,000 structures threatened, the need for donations is significant.

The most useful form of assistance for fire victims recovery is donations of money. Organizations actively involved in response efforts, such as the American Red Cross, need flexibility to provide disaster victims food, clothing, bedding, and other items most in need. Monetary donations can also be used for cleaning materials, transportation help, and medical supplies.

Officials also caution members of the public to beware of financial scams related to wildfire recovery support, urging that donations be made to reputable first responder, relief, and animal-aid organizations, such as those listed below:

For further information on the evacuation centers, animal shelters, road closures and wildfires,

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