LA County Pledge to Prepare Weekend (June 6-8)

ENLA is excited to announce our partnership in the LA County Pledge to Prepare Weekend, along with partners from LA County OEM, LA City EMD, American Red Cross, FEMA, Dept. of Public Health and more. 
Please see the attachments regarding the “Pledge to Prepare” event June 6-8, a County wide initiative to engage faith-based communities in emergency preparedness. All houses of worship are encouraged to participate in this event and to promote preparedness activities within their congregations . Please see LIST of activities. 
Any house of worship who participates in this campaign between now and June 8th will be recognized at a press conference on a date later in June. 
To register your organization for the Pledge to Prepare event, simply log onto; click on REGISTER.  We ask that you help us in distributing this information and getting the word out about this great event.

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