The following is a series of webinars presented by the Christian World Service that you can download and view any time. These are extremely helpful whether you are experienced or not in Long Term Recovery.

Please click on the website to access and download all the webinars listed below: CWS Webinar Series

Long Term Recovery Basics

1: Getting Started
2: Getting Organized
3: Disaster Case Management and the Long-Term Recovery Group
4: The Heart of Recovery

Who Does What in Disaster Recovery

The VALs: Your Friends in Disaster Recovery

Long Term Recovery Basics

1: Getting Recovery Started
2: Organizing for Long Term Recovery
3: Asset Mapping and Needs Assessment
4: Case Management and Long Term Recovery
5: Rebuilding homes
6: Resources (Money, Material and Volunteers)

Consistent Values – Changing Practices in Disaster Case Management

What comes after recovery

What’s the Story and How to Tell It