Santa Monica CERT

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Beginning in August, the City of Santa Monica Office of Emergency Management will be offering Community Emergency Response Training (CERT) free to anyone 18 years or older that lives or works in Santa Monica.

CERT is a nationally recognized community emergency response training program which teaches emergency skills such as disaster preparedness, fire safety, medical operations, basic search and rescue methods, disaster psychology and terrorism awareness.

CERT instructors from the Santa Monica Fire Department, Santa Monica Police Department and the Office of Emergency Management will provide a comprehensive and engaging curriculum which will teach you and other community members how to effectively prepare for and respond to a city wide emergency or disaster.

CERT was created to engage and train the community to assist public officials and each other in a time of disaster.  This course will be the first session offered to the community in the hopes of building a core group of disaster trained volunteers that can be called upon to assist the community in a time of need.

Although CERT was designed to create a disaster trained volunteer group, there is no obligation to volunteer after the completion of the course.

Please click on the following link to the OEM website which provides registration instructions.


  1. FINALLY! Santa Monica gets with the program! Why did it take so long? I have been a CERT member for more than 15 years. Hey sign me up Santa Monica. I live here!

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