Urban Drought Forum

Thank you to all those who attended the Urban Drought Forum at the LADWP Crenshaw Service Center on August 12th. We hope that there will be more events like this in the future to create partnerships and awareness about the continuing drought crisis. Below you can find all the PDF presentations from the day of the event along with resource links.



Eric Boldt, National Weather Service
CA Drought Past and Present

Javon Lam, LA Dept. of Water and Power
Urban Water Shortage Issues

David Heylen, CA Grocers Association
Impact of CA Drought on Grocery Industry

Jeanine Jones, Department of Water Resources
DWR Drought Update


Resource Links


California’s Drought Information Clearinghouse:  http://drought.ca.gov

State’s Water Conservation Campaign:   http://saveourh20.org


LADWP Water Conservation Website


Report violations of City watering restrictions

  • waterwaste@ladwp.com