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In addition to subcommittees created to tackle specific challenges (e.g.: one-off disasters), Emergency Network Los Angeles is comprised of seven committees concentrated in subjects related to emergency management:

EXECUTIVE committee consists of four officers representing Emergency Network Los Angeles (Chairperson, Vice-Chairperson, Treasurer, Secretary.) Responsible for higher-level decision making of the organization (hiring, resource allocation, etc.)

DONATIONS MANAGEMENT committee will involve the handling and distribution of in-kind donations before, during, and after a disaster has occurred.

EMOTIONAL AND SPIRITUAL CARE committee will look after the mental health and wellbeing of Los Angeles County residents, with special emphasis on individuals affected by disaster.

COMMUNICATIONS committee provides for the coordination of ENLA communications services by ensuring that key information and updated status reports are distributed among ENLA members and government emergency response agencies during disaster or emergency events. Preparing for this role is an on-going function of the committee.

MASS CARE committee is responsible for analyzing and implementing the preparedness, response and recovery efforts of ENLA members to feed, shelter, provide short-term housing and meet other immediate needs for persons adversely affected by disaster. It will include efforts to help organizations serving those with special needs (seniors, DAFN, homeless, limited English proficiency, animals, etc.) to better prepare for emergencies or disasters.

RECOVERY committee activated in a declared emergency or disaster, consists of organizations involved with case management and other activities related to recovery on an on-going basis after an emergency or disaster. These services are delivered under difficult environmental conditions that typically result in loss of infrastructure, disruption of operations, and special challenges for communication, record keeping, coordination, and efficiency. The committee will stay connected to local, regional, state and, in a declared disaster area, federal assistance and will stay connected to local FEMA activated entities.

VOLUNTEER MANAGEMENT committee is charged with planning for the influx of volunteers that occurs during and after an emergency or disaster. The committee will help to match volunteers with organizations providing direct services to those affected by the disaster.


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