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Disaster Plan Templates

ENLA is currently providing monthly Disaster Plan Development Workshops (DPDW) in the LA County Disaster Management Areas. Please check the calendar for upcoming dates or contact us at to host your own. We will be glad to work with you to provide a workshop for your group of agencies, council, or committee as well.


The DPDW is focused on providing time to walk through a short disaster plan template developed for community-based and faith-based organizations. We discuss more detailed templates as well for attendees who are not new to the disaster plan writing process.

Attendees will learn to:

  1. Make a business case to leadership explaining the importance of developing, implementing and exercising a disaster plan
  2. Recruit a group of stakeholders to form a disaster plan development committee
  3. Develop a Disaster Mission Statement
  4. Evaluate the relevance of organizational preparedness goals for their own organization
  5. Choose a disaster plan template that addresses the organization’s mission and the needs of their programs and beneficiaries
  6. Create a periodic program to encourage staff, volunteers, beneficiaries and other stakeholders (like community members and beneficiary family members) to prepare individually
  7. Register for and participate in the Great California ShakeOut
  8. Locate specialized information and/or relationships pertinent to their mission and programs to assist them in solving preparedness challenges unique to their situation

Course Materials:

Disaster Plan Templates

This is the template that the class fills out together during the workshop:

This is a more detailed plan for agencies who have more experience writing a plan:

This is a very detailed, combined Emergency Operations Plan (EOP) and Continuity of Operations Plan (COOP):

Supplemental Materials

The class also utilizes the following resources to work through the template, or to take home for use in preparing their organization, staff and clients: website for business:

“Practice the Plan” checklist/suggestions here:

Materials for individual and family preparedness; use for leadership, staff and clients:

Create a plan for communicating with staff, clients, vendors, and others during and after a disaster:

ENLA staff plans to adapt this curriculum to the Disaster Resilient Organization Standards developed by the Fritz Institute, in collaboration with California Volunteers, the Office of the Governor, and the State of California in the near future. Stay tuned!


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